Sunday, November 12, 2017

Even small matters: not for You, but for the others

I know what I am going to talk about. This is something we all have to ponder about.
But before that, you're going to do something as said.
Imagine a place where it is abandoned. An area where there are few houses nearby but mysterious and dangerous.
You have no family, friends. You're all alone. You don't have a job. All you have is a small apartment with two bedrooms. You have to pay the rent but no money except for your basic needs.
Imagine what would you do?
I am sure no one want to be in that situation right?
Truth to be told, there are many out there barely surviving in such situations.
So guys, be grateful for what you have. Instead of repenting on what you don't have. When your crying and being adamant on buying an iphone, there are people out there who can't even manage a piece of bread, even for one meal.
There are people who don't have a shelter, proper clothes, proper food to eat.
So think how lucky you are. To have a family, a house to rest, dress to adorn yourselves and plenty to eat.
So when you insist on having something, think of those who can't afford what you have.
One thing I would like to say is, I am not telling wishing for something is wrong. But if you don't get it, don't be stuck on that, just think you can get it later on. Rather than beating yourselves till you acquire it.
Because, as I said earlier, think of those who don't have what you have. Think of the lucky person here. It is you!
So be grateful. Help others. Because helping or giving others will help you in a way. Even though that sounds crazy. It is the truth. The more you give, the more you receive.
So guys, the happiness we receive in helping others is immense and not measureable.
So as our motto says " Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest".
So share your experience or memories where you helped others so that others get inspired to do the same. Because the world we live in needs more helping hands.
So go ahead and share your best experiences even if it is a small help. Share it. Small or big, it makes a differences in others.
So have a good night, folks.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Talk your mind out! No one will ever judge you...

Hey there my wonderful peeps...

How are you all? Hope you had a good day? Mine was normal, you know the usual.

So right now I am studying for my semester. I am having Financial Accounting paper tomorrow and I can't seem to understand some topics. Guess I'll have to go back to class tomorrow and study in the last minute.

Last minute prep is somewhat helpful, though it is said that it increases your stress level. I don't think so. Whatever, I don't have any option to learn those topics.

I did try to learn by searching in youtube for the topic, it was unsuccessful. Not wrong with those tutors, just that I am ecpecting more simplicity.

The videos are more like a complicated ones. I don't think it is useful to everyone. I mean there might be people who are beginners in the accounting will find it difficult.

I am not here to judge anyone, just saying my opinion. No offense.

So that's me blabbering anything that comes into my mind.

What I really want to ask is, is these blogs helping you really? I mean am I answering to your questions? I do try to solve your questions.

But I can be specific if you have specific questions to anything that is happening with you. All I want to is help you guys out.

I can't help you out, unless you tell me what actually is your problem.

Feel free to talk. I don't bite. Just kidding.

So yeah, share your problems.

No one is going to judge you.

So folks, "Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest"

So you all again.

Until then,

Friday, August 11, 2017

Reappearing Ghosts always have to die at some point

Hey guys, I am back, alive and kicking. Just kidding...

So how is it going for you? Hope you didn't have any mishaps like I had? Now don't go wondering about me. It is nothing, just some personal stuffs which I will eventually share with you all.

Ok... So just a quick question. How long have I been out of station? I mean how long I haven't written a word?

I guess too long.

I have reasons why I haven't written. I am not trying to reason, just stating the points.

First thing, I was literally busy with college stuffs. Had my models, sem practicals etc.

Second thing, I wanted to concentrate on my story, which I have been working on for the past one year.

Let's just say, I hardly reached 40 chapters with nearly 4k. It is mainly because I am not punctual and as dedicated as I want to be.

So I know you are thinking which book is it?  Let me put out the misery for you. The book's name is "Souls Bound Together Forever".

This can be found in Wattpad or simply type it in the google but don't forget to mention the book name with author's name aka my name; ArIaNa.

You guys should really check it out.

Whatever it is I am here not to talk wholly about my book, though its a partial reason why I started the blog because I want to be able to help others by bringing some positive change in their lives.

I had many people caring and understanding me when I had break downs. I had helping hands pushing me up straight to stand up back on my feet when I was not able to do on my own.

Like I had shadows, I want to be their shadows, who thinks that this is the end of the world.

Guys, trust me. It is not. You have your entire life in front of you. Just sort out your priorities fine and you will do great.

Don't let others walk over you, fight it. Stand up tall, head high and face your worst nightmare. Because there is someone who is always backing you, your shadow. You are never alone.

So don't back off, no matter what. Sometimes your worst nightmares can turn into your stregnth. Maybe fighting them off on your own will help you figure your way out to a beautiful life.

So guys "Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest"

Keep fighting cause you Rock 🎸, no matter what. You are the star of your own kingdom.

If you want to share something of your personal stuff, please be free to do so. I will always be there to help you out.

Have a nice day ahead folks!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Why Motivation?

Motivation is the power that activates the engine of success, and moves you to act and do things.

Most of you have the habit of starting something because you were interested in that particular thing, only to stop after a while.

Why is that?

Because you lack the desire to achieve them. You need an aim. If there is no aim or desire, then you can't be motivated, no matter what.

Even when you have the desire and aim, you can't do anything straight. Why?

Because you lack enthusiasm.

So do what you always do. Try, try and try. Try harder. Till you achieve it. Don't give up. It is in human nature to make mistakes but you should learn from them. So find out why you lack the motivation and enthusiasm and give your best shot.

I am sure you will achieve success with your perseverance.

There might be people who discourage you, ignore them and do your part. Because it is very easy to be lazy and goof around but hard to achieve.

Take the risk, make effort and succeed!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fight, Fight & Fight!


Whatever happens in your life, it's for the best. Never ever feel depressed thinking about something which never happened or something happened which should have not occurred in the first place. Because that means our destiny has something else in store for us. Who knows, that might be something which makes us the happiest person.

There is no point on weeping over the things you lost or did not happen. You have to think it's for the best and move on in life. Find something new which makes you happy and keeps you occupied so that your mind does not wander back.

As the quote says "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have thousand reasons to smile"

Until next time!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

If you we're Self-Confident, You Wouldn't...

1) Lose your cool in stressful situations.
2) Surround yourself with negative people.
3) Wait for the right moment.
4) Believe in perfection.
5) Hesitate to let go. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017


If you ever need motivation to write,  all you have to do is read.

Because when you read a book, you feel engrossed in it. Reading involves our imagination of ourselves as the character. If you feel that you're the character, it means that book has you hooked up.

Soon, you start to think how creative the writer of that book is. You start to think how awesome that writer is because you feel the book is great. And then , you feel like writing your own or if you've already started and took a break from writing, this thought would pull you back to your own writing. And you feel restless until you write down some pages. Even if it is not more, it something.

That is all you need to complete your book,  because once you start you won't stop until your story is done.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.
– Ernest Hemingway

The story is something which builds on it own taking its own time and path. All one has to do is to find an idea for the starters. The rest will follow. Focusing on the idea and developing is all that matters. One's imagination will lead to the end part of the story. Use your imagination and describe it in the best words you find. Be involved in the story. Feel it. Go along with it as if you're one of the characters. Make a connection. 

Bam! there is your story.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Even small matters: not for You, but for the others

I know what I am going to talk about. This is something we all have to ponder about. But before that, you're going to do something a...